INAS Fotbolls-VM 2018

The 2018 International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (INAS) Football World Championships take place in Karlstad, Sweden, from 5-18 August. Defending champions Saudi Arabia, hosts Sweden, Poland, Argentina, France, Germany, Japan and Russia are all playing for the title.

See for Schedule, Playoffs, Groups and Tables

Watch all the games here:

august 18, Argentina vs Saudi Arabia – Gold medal match (Karlstad)

august 18, Poland vs France – Bronze medal match (Karlstad)

august 17, Sweden vs Germany – Placing 7-8 (Kil)

august 17, Japan vs Russia – Placing 5-6 (Arvika)

august 16, Saudi Arabia vs France – Semifinal 2 (Karlstad)

august 16, Argentina vs Poland – Semifinal 1 (Karlstad)

august 15, Russia vs Germany – Rank Match (Karlstad)

august 15, Sweden vs Japan – Rank Match (Kristinehamn)

august 13, France vs Sweden – Group A (Arvika)

august 11, Argentina vs Germany – Group A (Kil)

august 10, Russia vs Japan – Group B (Karlstad)

august 10, Saudi Arabia vs Poland – Group B (Kristinehamn)

august 9, Germany vs France – Group A (Karlstad)

august 8, Japan vs Saudi Arabia – Group B (Kil)

august 8, Poland vs Russia – Group B (Kil)

august 7, Sweden vs Argentina – Group A (Kristinehamn)

august 6, Poland vs Japan – Group B (Arvika)

august 6, Saudi Arabia vs Russia – Group B (Arvika)

august 5, Argentina vs France – Group A (Kristinehamn)

august 5, Sweden vs Germany – Group A (Karlstad, including the opening ceremony):

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